Ornarame, The Lofty Princess

Character NameOrnarámë, The Lofty Princess


#1 Odrámwë must be a monster if his tastes lean toward someone like Elyrië.
#2 Mother is slowly going mad with blood lust, I'll have the throne within the century.
#3 Our kind need not concern itself with the business of these wingless fools.


#1 If someone is not paying attention takes out a golden ear and whispers into it. (Some say anything she whispers is to her mother they say its the queens ear she holds.)
#2 Rustles her feathers and rolls her eye's whenever her mother does something crazy like shooting "Off with his head!"
#3 Glares at anyone who speaks favourably of Odrámwë or any of those associated with him such as Elyrië.
Affiliations— 3D Court of the Winged Folk (Status: Princess)
Reputations— 3D The Lofty Princess
Relationships— Mother: Ephiryë (Powerful, Immediate Family)
Half-Brother: Odrámwë (Powerful, Forbidden, Immediate Family)

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