Odramwe, The Sky Fallen

Character NameOdrámwë, The Sky Fallen
Created ByDrake PhyreDrake Phyre
Concept— A half fae winged folk who was cast out of the skies by his winged folk brethren because he was a bit too red blooded and liberally breeding with earth bound a trait he got from his twisted rapist father, the fae named Abbarais. This was however very long ago when the winged folk had a very winged supremacist view of things. Built a small roost in a small mount in what used to be called the Ash'Fayn currently the home of the Jotur peoples and the now growing fae population. A small village near the mountain is populated by his non-winged offspring and their descendants. Some of the villagers worship him as a local god or a paragon of Freya. He does his best to discourage this however, without revealing his existence. The town is called Feather Fell.
Relationships— Mother: Ephiryë (Powerful, forbidden, immediate family)
Father: Abbarais (Powerful, hateful/rival, forbidden, immediate family)
Half-Sister: Ornarámë (Powerful, Immediate Family)
Lost Lover: Elyrië (Significant, Romantic Love, forbidden)
The Sons of OdrámwëAddanixë, Naghtuilë
The Daughters of OdrámwëAddarëa, Adreovna, Av'rúvyën, Ax'rúvyën, Az'rúvyën, Dellaurë, Evëdién, Fáellarië

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