Nymael, The Lady Of The Ash'Fayn

Hidden Instinct
Hidden Reputations
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Character Name— Nymael, The Lady Of The As'Fayn
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Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B0 G0 B0 B0 B0 B0


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Multi.
B0 B0 B0 B0 0 B0 B0 x3.5
PTGS Su: B0 Li: B0 Mi: B0 Se: B0 Tr: B0 Mo: B0





Relationships— Ward: Av'Raveen (Minor, Immediate Family)
Ward: Ax'Raveen (Minor, Immediate Family)
Ward: Az'Raveen (Minor, Immediate Family)
Ward: Eleria (Significant, Fey Bound)
Ward: Ephyria (Significant, Fey Bound)
Ward: Faeleria (Minor, Fey Bound)
Sister: Meargynne (Significant, Immediate Family, Hateful/rival)
Spells or Rituals

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Bare Fisted 0 0 0 0 0 Fast Shortest

Weapon Notes
1 Two-handed, may not be used with a shield2 May Great Strike



The Lady of the Ash'Fayn's soft footsteps echoed inside the glass tower, the light dancing off her smooth skin in a plethora of colours as it passed through the multicoloured walls. The feather-light steel cloth swayed with her legs, the golden chain that held it glistened in the light as it hung upon her bare hips. Dancing gracefully up the stairs, her legs covered only by the translucent leggings that clung to her skin from ankle to mid-thigh. A whisper of mournful song drifted down to her as she ascended the crystal stairs that coiled the pillar of unnatural darkness in the centre of the spire. It was a cruel torture to be surrounded by such beautiful colour yet never being touched by it. Nymael paused as the whisper faded, straining her pointed ears to hear the silence that followed, a sad sigh escaping her lips. She lowered the hand that had raised itself to her lips without thought, her sleeve's fabric rustling against that which covered her breast. Ephiryë's cruelty so easily incited by false prophets and idle gossips. How quickly she betrays her own, desperate to maintain her hold on power. Lightning flashed and thunder shook the tower at Nymael's thoughts. She took several deep calming breaths as once more she began to climb the stairs, her golden hair swirling in her wake. It flitted off her uncovered back and tousled about her fluttering wings as it streamed from beneath the Faewood Crown that rested lightly on her brow. She gazed up at the cage that dangled in the centre of the spiral, her unique Fae eyes seeing the energy of all things, unhindered by the darkness. Its occupant began singing again her melodious voice carrying the sorrow she felt, Nymael did her best to set her face in uncaring stone.

"Elyrië?" her captivating voice slid through the song like a blade. Elyrië spun at last noticing Nymael. Fear and horror coated her face and voice like muck, choking her words "What… What happened??? Did She…."

"They are safe little song bird. Ephiryë knows nothing of them and they know nothing of her." Nymael interrupted her as tears of fear began welling in her eyes, they fell all the same only in joy not pain. She would spare Elyrië all that she could manage without breaking her oath.

Elyrië turned her face away attempting to hide her pain, her arms wrapped around her like a shield. "Why have you come to torment me with your neutrality Nymael?" her question lathered in disgust and loathing.

"You ignorant little hatch-ling!!! How DARE you! I welcomed your people onto my lands, kept them safe from their enemies, all because of my oath to your family! The only reason you breath is because of my NEUTRALITY. I will do no harm and see no harm done to any of your blood-line! I AM THE ONLY REASON EPHIRYË DIDN'T TOSS YOUR FLEDGLING DAUGHTERS FROM THE RED CLIFFS OR TEAR THEIR FEATHERS OUT ONE BY ONE AND DROP YOU DOWN AN ARCHAZIAN WELL TO BE DEVOURED!!!!" Her will hammered down on Elyrië each rage empowered word another spike driven into her soul. She broke as the silence struck the final blow her cage swing from the echoes of Nymael's voice.

Nymael turned on her heel and moved angrily toward the stairs as dark clouds cast shadows on the tower. "Wait, Nymael! Please …. wait…" Eleria's voice stopped her, the words broken by sobs. "You brought news. Good or ???"

"Az'rúvyën has yet to grow wings despite this fact, she has found ways of compensating. Dellaurë demands that she be sent to the village with the other wingless kin. Odrámwë, however wishes to keep the sisters together. Sing little song bird, sing to whatever deaf gods you wish, I will do all that I can but sadder still they may hold your daughter's fates in their hands." Her tone warned caution where gods were concerned and delivered fearful news with emptiness in her voice. Softly sung prayers followed her as she floated silently down the stairs, her own tears falling with the rains outside. Her skies knew her sadness, her burden, her pain.

A Watching Shadow:

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