Melinda, The Last Call Girl

Character Name— Melinda Granmar, The Last Call Girl
Concept— Whore assassin and Azkadellia from OZ.
Lifepaths— Gifted Child, Lead to Noble Court, Hostage, Lead to Death Cult, Harem Slave, Death Cultist, Death Artist
Age— 33


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B4 B4 B3 B4 B3 B3


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Multi.
B4 B3 B9 B6 6 B1 B2 x3.5
PTGS Su: B2 Li: B4 Mi: B6 Se: B7 Tr: B8 Mo: B9

Skills— Court-Wise B2, Creepy Priest-wise B4, Death Art B6, Death-wise B4, Etiquette B4, Foreign Languages B2, Garrote B4, Sorcery B2


#1 I belong to Alexander Ivanov
#2 Its better to be a useful whore than a toy slave.
#3 Better to have a warm bed and a full belly than a cold cell and hunger pains.
#4 My master holds my soul and keeps me from death.


#1 Attempt to seduce any man bearing gifts for her. (Roses and such)
#2 Garrotte any man who gives her gifts after she has him alone.
#3 Slap anyone who calls her a whore.
Gear— Clothes, Garrote
Affiliations— 1D Ivanov's Establishment (Member: High Ranking/Assassin)
Reputations— 1D Death's Mistress
Relationships— Master/Kidnapper: Alexander Ivanov (Minor, Romantic Love/Stockholm Syndrome)
Older Sister: Gissell Granmar (Minor, immediate family, forbidden)
Missing Older Sister: Angeline Granmar (Minor, Immediate Family)
Uncle/Guardian: The Duke of Granmar (Significant, other family, forbidden, Hateful/Rival)
Spells or Rituals— Vitae Vestitation (Ob. 9^| Spell that transfers the very essence of an individual, if successful you/benifitor gain a trait, memory and lifepath skill of the target for each success over Ob. while they lose a trait, memory and life-path skill. What you gain is determined by the roll of a die. If you fail the reverse is applied to the margin of failure. Physical Traits are non-transferable, and life-path skills transfer at half, you gain a single random memory for each success. You can narrow down the memories by spending an additional success for each qualifier, these qualifiers act as a filter.)
Traits— [Dt] Misunderstood, [Dt] Numb, [Dt] Zealot, [Char] Cynical, [Char] Abused, [Dt] Gifted, [Dt] Mind over Matter, [Char] Drop-Dead Gorgeous, [Char] Night Owl
Lost Traits[Dt] Sixth Sense

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Bare Fisted 2 3 4 2 0 Fast Shortest

Weapon Notes
1 Two-handed, may not be used with a shield2 May Great Strike

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