Mecedel Creation Myth

Before there was anything there was The Mother. She was beautiful. Her hair was black and silver, her breasts were full and heavy, her belly was smooth and round, and her thighs were thick and strong. But she was all alone. So The Mother decided that she would rest a while until others came to join her. She slept for a long long time, and as she slept her womb blood flooded the world and became the ocean. Her strong thighs, round belly, and full breasts became the land. Her sleeping face became the day sun, and her long hair became the night sky and stars.

Soon after, she gave birth to her first child, the moon. The moon was all alone because The Mother slept so strongly and he played with her oceans. Soon after, the mother's second child was born. She climbed out of the sea in the image of The Mother herself. She had long black hair, and full heavy breasts, and a round belly, and strong thighs. She sat by the shore of the ocean and was very lonely. The Moon saw how lovely and how lonely The Daughter was, and came down to her in the form of a man. He came to her and together they had a beautiful baby boy. And they were happy.

But because The Moon was not playing with the tides, the Daughter and their baby began to grow hungry. So The Moon returned to the heavens. But before he left, he promised The Daughter that he would return. Once every month, he would leave the skies and inhabit the body of their child – of his mortal flesh to be with her. And so it was that once in a month, the moon left the sky and resided in the body of the child. And the child had many children of his own. And when he grew old and died, The Moon visited the body of his oldest son. And so it has been since the beginning of our people.

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