Marish Ulfrecht-Son, The Whistling Giant Of The North

Character Name— Marish Ulfrecht-Son, The Whistling Giant of the North
Concept— Da D-D-D-D.Da Da Da Da-Da Da-Da Da-Da-Da Da (The Chemical Brothers - The Devil Is In The Beats)

Lifepaths— Born Noble, Apt Pupil, Lead to Professional Soldier, Runner, Foot Soldier, Scout, Bannerman, Lead to Noble Court, Man-at-Arms, Squire, Lead to Noble, Knight, Lord, Baron, Viscount, Lead to Outcast, Outlaw
Age— 103


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B6 B4 B4 B3 B6 B6


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Multi.
B4 B4 B11 G10 4 B6 B3 x4.5
PTGS Su: B4 Li: B7 Mi: B8 Se: B9 Tr: B10 Mo: B11

Skills— Armor Training, Authority-Wise B4, Axe G8, Brawling G8, Conspicuous B4, Cudgel B4, Estate Management B8, Etiquette B6, Falconry B4, Firebuilding B6, Foraging B6, Hammer B6, Hunting G8, Inconspicuous B4, Intimidation B8, Knives B4, Lance B4, Mounted Combat Training, Obscure History B4, Observation G4, Orienteering B4, Riding B8, Shield Training, Soldiering B8, Sprint Training, Stealthy B4, Sword B8


#1 The Ulfgar's stole my throne and my sword I will see them drowned beneath the ice of this northern wastland they condemned me to.
#2 Halla is just a weapon given to me by the Vurds(The Fates) to doom the house of Ulfgar.
#3 Sverkersson is a Fool, I'll wrest my throne from him after the ulfgar's are dead or domesticated.
#4 One does not kill noble born women, especially pretty ones like Sigrun. I will take her until she is no more than a bitch for the hounds.


#1 Whistles to pass the time.
#2 Strikes anyone who mentions the Ulfgar's, with a fist the first time they make the mistake, the nearest weapon afterwards.
#3 Kills any man who treats Halla as anything other than his prize weapons. (I.E. Courting, disrespecting or treating her like a human being unless its part of her training.)
Gear— Clothes, Finery, Furs, Shoes, Superior Full Plate, Superior Weapons (Halla, Axe, Hammer, Dagger)
Property— The Glacial Court
Affiliations— 3D The Court of Jotur (Former Ruler: Feared)
Reputations— 2D The Frost Giant
3D The Whistling Giant of the North
Relationships— Hated Enemies Kin: Regner "Ædelwulf" Ulfson (Minor, hateful/rival)
Hated Enemies Kin: Bregor Ulfson (Minor)
Hated Enemies Kin: Sigrun Ulfdottir (Minor, hateful/rival)
Spells or Rituals
Traits— [Dt] Mark of Privilege, [Dt] Believer, [Char] Skinny, [Char] Honored, [Char] Pragmatic, [Dt] Noblesse Oblige, [Char] Regal Bearing, [Dt] Outlaw, [Char] Aggressive, [Char] Brutal, [Dt] Tough, [Char] Determined, [Dt] Aura of Malevolence, [C-O] Booming Voice, [Char] Born to be King, [Dt] Commanding Aura, [C-O] Dexterity of the Cat, [Dt] Eidetic Memory, [Dt] Eldritch Sink, [C-O] Dreadful, [Dt] Eye of the Hunter, [Char] Feared, [Dt] Hand of Iron, [Char] Harried, [Dt] Iron Will, [Dt] Jaded, [C-O] Iron Stomach, [Dt] Massive Stature, [Char] Manly, [Char] Naked Hatred, [Char] Missing Digits, [Dt] Penetrating Gaze, [Char] Red-Blooded, [Char] Resolute, [Dt] Scheming, [Char] Secretive, [Char] Shows No Fear, [Char] Strong Willed, [Dt] Stubborn, [Dt] The Killer, [Dt] Thousand Yard Stare, [Dt] Tough as Nails, [Dt] Wolfs Snout, [Dt] Vigor of Youth, [C-O] Fleet of Foot, [Char] Your Lordship, [Char] Methuselah

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Bare Fisted 3 5 7 2 0 Fast Shortest

Weapon Notes
1 Two-handed, may not be used with a shield2 May Great Strike

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