Spell: Magesense
Ob: 4^ Casting Time: 300 Actions
Origin: Personal Area of Effect: 10s of Paces
Element: Anima/Arcana Impetus: Enhance
Duration: Sustained Resource Points: 16
This is a powerful spell that extends the sorcerer's senses from the realm of the mundane into that of the arcane. When the spell is erected, the mage sees, hears and smells magic. He can see auras and, using the Aura Reading skill, he can parse the very mysteries of the soul. He can also sense when magic is being invoked: When a spell is cast within his Magesense area of effect, the mage may make a Perception test at the Ob of (10 - the spell Ob). If successful, he can pinpoint the location of the cast spell. This also counts for sustained spells entering into his detection range. Enchanted items subtract their highest die pool/bonus from the 10 to determine the Ob to pinpoint their location. If a mage can see the source of the spell, he may add the additional successes from Magesense casting to his Perception to detect, a mage can see, sense and feel the bonds and bounds of the spell. Aura Reading is used to determine what type of spell it is. Lastly, while the Magesense is being sustained, the sorcerer's Perception counts as Observation for detecting Stealthy and Inconspicuous characters; and the sorcerer suffers a +1 Ob penalty to all physical activities like fighting, running and jumping.
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