Ivar Knudson
Character Name— Ivar Knudson
Lifepaths— Born Peasant, Hunter, Lead to Outcast, Poacher, Bandit, Lead to Professional Soldier, Scout, Archer, Lead to Noble Court, Forester, Huntsman
Age— 42


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B5 B7 B7 B7 B4 B4


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Multi.
B4 B7 B10 B8 5 B9 B2 x4.5
PTGS Su: B3 Li: B5 Mi: B7 Se: B8 Tr: B9 Mo: B10

Skills— Animal Husbandry B6, Bow G10, Brawling B8, Cooking B6, Falconry B8, Firebuilding B6, Fletcher B8, Foraging B6, Forest-Wise B8, Hunting B8, Knives B8, Observation B8, Orienteering B8, Park-Wise B6, Poacher-Wise B8, Precision Training, Royal Parks-Wise B6, Skirmish Tactics, Sprint Training, Stealthy B8, Survival B6, Tracking B8, Trapper B8


#1 City life makes you weak
#2 The only way to understand the wild is to live in it
#3 The only way to win is to choose your fights wisely
#4 Ulfgar took care of me and my family, I'll take care of his


#1 Knock arrow at first sign of danger
#2 Draw dagger if foes get close
#3 Don't speak unless asked a question
Gear— Superior Weapons, Superior Leather Armor, Traveling Clothes and Gear, Animal Companion (Falcon), Fletcher's Tools
Affiliations— 3D Master Huntsman of Ulfgar's Court
3D Master of Scouts in Jotur military
Reputations— 3D Best archer in the country
RelationshipsÆdelwulf Ulfson (Ulfgar's son, rightful king) (Minor)
Belinda Haraldsdóttir (Sister in law, seamstress) (Minor, other family, romantic love, forbidden)
Brandr Nørgård (Ulfgar's Bodyguard, untrustworthy merc) (Significant)
Bregor Ulfson (Ulfgar's youngest, pupil) (Minor)
Erasmus Østergaard (Ulfgar's teacher, knows alot, too bad he probably doesn't have long left) (Significant)
Sigrun Ulfdottir (Ulfgar's daughter, pupil) (Minor)
Jarl Sitric Sverkersson (Former advisor to Ulfgar, dishonorable traitor) (Powerful, hateful/rival)
Jørn Knudson (Younger brother, merchant) (Minor, immediate family, hateful/rival)
Spells or Rituals
Traits— [Dt] Alert, [Dt] Eagle Eye, [Dt] Eye of the Hunter, [Dt] Keen Sight, [Dt] Penetrating Gaze, [Dt] The Killer, [Dt] Loyal, [Dt] Practiced Precision, [C-O] Quiet, [Dt] Stoic, [Char] Man of Few Words, [Dt] Low Speech

Melee I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Bare Fisted 4 8 12 2 0 Fast Shortest
Dagger 5 9 13 1 1 Fast Shortest
Ranged I M S DoF VA Reload and Acquire Range Effects
Great Bow1 4 8 12 1-2 I, 3-4 M, 5-6 S 2 7 Optimal +2D to Positioning. Extreme +4D to Positioning, -1 to DoF, +1Ob to shooting tests (countered by Eagle Eye). Max. Range 300 Paces

Weapon Notes
1 Two-handed, may not be used with a shield2 May Great Strike
DoF for Great Bow: 1-2 for Incidental, 3-4 for Mark, 5-6 for Superb. Reload and Acquire is 7 actions. Great Bow Range: Optimal +2D to Positioning, Extreme +4D to Positioning -1 to DoF +1Ob to shooting tests, Max. Range 300 Paces.

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