Gavril Sik'Merkul, The Red Skin

Character NameGavril Sik'Merkul, The Red Skin
Player NameDrake PhyreDrake Phyre
Concept— The Gallick are one of the K'thari tribes. The K'thari are a blood thirsty and violent peoples of a savage chain of islands. They are very similar to the Maori with some cultural caveats. Their way is one of war, slaughter and success through bloodshed. All male children are expected to grow to be warriors of the tribe. After thirteen winters they are taken and abandoned in a rival tribe's territory. They are named only once they return to their people their name is determined by their appearance. Gav is their word for red, blood, slaughter, and kill. Ril is their word for skin, clothes, hide and other similar things. Sik'Merkul denotes that he is the son of Merkul. Upon returning they become hunters. When they and a hunting daughter stalk the same prey they are then betrothed. They must enter the woods unarmed and naked and slay a worthy gift for each other and make gifts and food from the kills. The son's kin eat the daughter's prey and the daughter's family eat the son's prey. If the families disapprove the betrothed couple must fight each other to the death. Once he has a hunting wife, he becomes a warrior. When he and a battle daughter fight the same enemy on a battle field they are then betrothed and the families must be pleased once again this time though they must kill a member of a rival tribe. The more important the enemy the more likely the family is to approve. Disapproval leads to a similar fight to the death but with the weapons of the slain enemies. After this he may go many ways gaining many wives but the same method is used except it is no longer his family that must be satisfied but his wives. You cannot take a married or betrothed woman to wife unless you slaughter her husband or betrothed and his father. To take the life of a fellow tribesman is punished, every wife or child he has must strike you with one of his weapons and drink some of the blood from the wound. If you survive the deceased's wives and children become your wives & responsibility in that order. He may take a forced wife, she must be unclaimed and he must defeat by himself or with his tribes battle force their tribe or family. He must offer her one strike with a weapon however. She may redeem the offer at anytime even after the marriage. That's a good enough reason not to take too many of those, also if his other wives do not approve he must slay his newly acquired prize. Woman of the Gallecks path's are determined at birth, hunting daughters are born to hunting wives and so on. You cannot take more than one of any group of wife except forced wives and the wives of the tribesman you have slain.
Bio:— During his right of naming he killed so many of the enemy he was covered in blood. The enemy tribe never resurfaced. All the sons and husbands died in battle the women disappeared, some say they left for the land of the giants(Fomoria). When he returned he was carrying an unconscious 16 year old girl over his shoulder he also wore a necklace of human ears. When he walked into the village his father exclaimed that he wore blood like clothing. He then proclaimed that he, Gavril claimed this girl to be his wife. When she awoke in his tent she drove a knife through the bottom of his jaw and out his right cheek. He has never forced himself on her only married her she is one of his wives and hates him because he killed her family. The truth is however he only killed half her family and about 10% of the tribe. In all honesty they were charging at him and tried to kill him, but then they did think he was attacking their village. He wasn't, after he had killed them he tried to find his way and ended up going right into the village where the men were fighting the slavers and he fought to survive both slavers and tribesman. In the fray he bested the battle wife of the Chieftain who he had already killed. He claimed the entire tribe by right of combat. Mesrai was struck severely in the head by a slaver and her tribeswomen did not think she would make it. As Gavril took the spoils of his claim, Mesrai's mother, The tribeswomen claimed the slaver ship, as he lay sleeping afterwards they fled aboard the ship. He took care of Mesrai, She stabilized after two night confident he could move her without causing more damage, he carried her back to his tribe. He claimed her as his wife because her tribe broke with the way the K'thari tribes lived. He is the husband of every Lyneatt tribes woman who was married and the father of every Lyneatt tribes women who wasn't. He became a hunter got married then became a warrior got married again. While out on the waters he saw a slaver ship all but the same as the one the Lyneatt had taken thingking his othe wives had returned he went to it and got captured by slavers. He was assigned to do work with a woman and they tried to do the same task and he considered her his betrothed. Her father shared a cell with him, he asked the man what task would please him enough to approve his marriage to his daughter. The man told him to tear down the cell door and topple the tower they were being forced to build. So Gavril stood up and strained at the door until the hinges creaked and snapped. He walked into the building area while the girls father and the other slaves where making their escape to the slavers ships. Gavril took an axe and chopped at the supports until the last remaining support was all but a sapling and then the axe haft broke. He braced himself against the beam as it began to crack the tower tumbled shortly after and he emerged from the dust diving into the sea off of the cliff where the tower was built. He swam out to sea following the slaver ships upon which the girls father was escaping. When he caught them, her father stared at him as he told the girl of their betrothal and her fathers approval. They returned to the K'Thari Isles and his other wives approved of the girl by majority. He then decided to sail off with the slaves to where ever they were heading(Fomoria) He had seen a larger world and hungered for what was his, more importantly he realized he was responsible for those whom he had claimed as daughters and wives and he needed to make his ancestors proud of him before becomes chef. His wives joined him and spent most of their time with him, one however spends most of her time plotting to get him killed. He told his wives the truth after they had set sail for Formoria, Mesrai refused to believe him.
Lifepaths— Born to a Chief, Lead to Tribal Warrior, Scout, Hunter, Battle Chief, Lead to Tribal Council, Great Warrior
Age— 27


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B4 B4 B4 B4 B6 B4


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Multi.
B5 B4 B11 B6 6 B0 B2 x4.5
PTGS Su: B3 Li: B5 Mi: B7 Se: B9 Tr: B10 Mo: B11

Skills— Axe B2, Bow B2, Brawling B4, Cudgel B3, Firebuilding B2, Fletcher B2, Foraging B2, Hunting B2, Intimidation B2, Knives B4, Knots B2, Rowing Training, Observation B2, Spear B2, Sprint Training, Stealthy B4, Survival B3, Tracking B3


#1 It isn't the weapon that does the killing, it is me!
#2 These people are ignorant of the way things should be, no more than children with new names.
#3 The only way is the Gallick way.

The Gallick Way:

  • You keep what you kill.
  • It is a great crime to waste a kill.
  • The great fires in the sky demand blood and death. (Their God's: Kosull{The Sun demands blood}, Agrixal{The Volcano demands death}, Loma{The Moon collects the dead and puts them in the sky.})
  • You take on the responsibilities & possessions of those you kill.
  • Mercy is the greatest insult.
  • No one gives it to you you have to take it.
  • Blood before clan, clan before great fires in the sky.


#1 Draws his knife when someone insults, gropes, or looks lustfully at one of his wives.
#2 Observes anyone who enters the room until the next person enters.
#3 Intimidates any man who approaches one of his wives while she is not beside him.
Gear— Animal Skins, Shark Tooth Necklace, Weapons (Bone Dagger, Dirk, Tomahawk, Shark Tooth Cudgel, Sword)
Affiliations— 1D The Gallick Clan (Future Chief)
1D The Lyneatt Clan (Chief by trail of Combat/The Man Killer)
1D Grondinium Merchant's Guild (New Member: Guardsman)
Reputations— 1D The Red Skin (Formoria)
1D The Tribe Killer (K'Thari)
Relationships— Battle Wife: Takiya Nis'Kalaya (Minor, romantic love)
Forced Wife: Mesrai Nis'Xerna (Minor, romantic love, forbidden)
Hunting Wife: Lichna Nis'Dekerai (Minor, romantic love)
Slave Wife: Felya Nis'Nakera (Minor, romantic love)
Father: Merkul Sik'Sokurl (Significant, immediate family)
The Peace Bride: Vlush Nis'Ecenze (Minor, romantic love)
Lyneatt Chieftain's Wife: Xerna Nis'Etlat (Significant)
Spells or Rituals
Traits— [Dt] Mark of Privilege, [Char] Red-Blooded, [Dt] Tough, [Char] Abnormally Long Tongue, [Char] Manly, [Dt] Alert

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Bare Fisted 3 6 9 2 0 Fast Shortest
Bone Dagger 3 6 9 1 0 Fast Shortest
Dirk 4 7 10 1 0 Fast Shortest
Tomahawk 4 8 12 2 0 Fast Short
Shark Tooth Cudgel (W/O Teeth)12 4 8 12 2 0 Fast Longer
Shark Toot Cudgel (With Teeth))12 5 9 13 2 0 Fast Long
Sword2 5 9 13 2 0 Slow Long

Weapon Notes
1 Two-handed, may not be used with a shield2 May Great Strike

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