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Elven name generator gone by Drake PhyreDrake Phyre, 31 Mar 2016 21:26

I am 100% up for this if others are serious about it. I'd be running it in FATE, which is a super simple system to learn and play in, and lends itself fantastically to this sort of thing, creating Pathfinder or D&D version whatever chars level 20+ is always a hassle, and especially tough for anyone not familiar with the system. Running it in FATE requires just a few, pretty easily understandable fields, even though the characters are super high-powered, and the system works well with the feel of the game, I think.

Re: God Campaign. by CryofdragonCryofdragon, 28 Mar 2015 11:26

God Quest. I said I'd run it, and I think it'd be fun. The premise: the more believers, and the stronger their belief is, the more power the god has. The players are members of a pantheon of a pantheon with a relatively small number of believers, around 1000 total, with 100 true believers, 250 moderate believers, and the rest minor believers.

God Campaign. by CryofdragonCryofdragon, 28 Mar 2015 11:20

But…. But… All of that stuff is like 540 states away! ;-;

If people wouldn't mind I'd appreciate if everyone could add their character to the Azeroth Player Pages. I don't need a full stat page unless you want to, I mostly would appreciate like, your name, a picture, and some background. This can help me keep everything and everyone in perspective as I design the campaign.

Azeroth character population by KyginboKyginbo, 16 Dec 2014 19:36

Sillian politics:

There are 102 senators, from these, three are chosen to serve as the Triumvrant. The Triumvarant administers the area of the government that they are elected to, but must abide by the will of the senate, though they can introduce issues to be discussed and make proposals, but do not cast votes themselves. The Triumvrant's power lasts for two years, and members can be re-elected indefinitely. As of the present, the current members have been serving for just over a year and a half, and the next election is rapidly approaching. Each senator is elected for a 10 year term by a vote of land-owning male citizens (land-owning female citizens are allowed to vote on the isle of Narisus*).

The members of the triumvrant are:
Magister Militum: Master of the Soldiers. Currently Martialis Caelius III (8th term). An old general who had great success in his younger days. He is held in high esteem as a brilliant tactician and one of the greatest generals who ever lived. He is not very adept at politics, but he runs on his ability to win wars, and he wins because he does. The senators like winning wars, so it's pretty sure they're going to keep re-electing him until he dies, retires, or goes senile. His second in command is general Gaius Valerius Venustus, who will likely win Magister Militum after Martialis dies or retires, as his hand-picked successor.

Magister Nummus: Master of the Coin. Currently Aquilus Livius (1st term). A young, bright politician, Sillia has been rich for a long time, and they don't like loosing their money. Aquila ran on increasing the national treasury, but hasn't been able to come through on his promise as the war with Endoria is expensive and has reduced trade. He's pinning his hopes of another term on arguing that he kept the treasury in the best state possible given the circumstances. He is an able politician and has some support, but it is likely to be a close vote. His opponent, Caesius Mus, claims that he's been skimming off the top, but is unable to prove it.

Magister Civilis: Master of State. Currently Ovidius Aelius (3rd term). He gained his position by promising political favors, and has kept it by keeping those promises. He generally does Sillia well, but especially well in his supporters' areas and less so in others. Saenecio Fortunaus is rallying the other members, and has been making plays to secure some swing votes. The coming election will see if he is successful or not.

*The Isle of Narisus became a part of the Sillian empire around 20 years ago on the condition that land-owning female citizens were allowed to vote and participate in politics. Currently there is one female Narisian serving as a senator, and she, along with the other (male) senator from Narisus is pushing hard for female inclusion in politics across all of Sillia. The movement is swiftly gaining support after they stopped focusing on senators and started talking to their wives.

Runners for the coming elections:
Magister Militum: Valerius Rufinus. A younger man, who only served as much time as required in the army. Running against the legendary general leaves him little hope. He has some support from his close friends, but Martialis' stellar record leaves him little hope of winning. Most view him as an ambitious youngster who needs to learn his place. His position that Martialis is too old isn't a winning one.

Magister Nummus: Caesius Mus claims that Aquilus is skimming off the top, but has been unable to prove it. He argues that his opponent has lost the republic money, which he will reverse. He plans to cut military spending, arguing that Martialis' genius will let them prevail despite more limited spending, and he may be right. This puts him in the odd position of supporting Martialis' candidacy while Martialis opposes his. Caesius knows that Martilis is a poor politician, and his strategy is shrewd, but he may have underestimated how much power Martilis' word carries on military matters.

Magister Civilis: Saenecio Fortunaus is has forged an alliance with those neglected by Ovidius. Ovidius has been shrewd, however, and has been generous with 51 senators (one more than is needed). Saenecio will need to turn at least two to his side if he hopes to win. He's having a tough time, as Ovidius has always came through on his promises, and Saenecio is still a bit of an unknown quantity in that regard. Ovidius will try to "outbid" Saenecio at every turn, and is likely to be able to do so as his reputation in such deals is a good one. Saenecio is trying to make deals in secret so that Ovidius can't one-up him. Only when the votes are cast will anyone know if he has been successful or not.

Sillia: Politics by CryofdragonCryofdragon, 14 Oct 2014 03:24

The Sillian Pantheon:

Noraino: CG God of the sea and sailors, leader of the Sillian pantheon. Worshiped by sailors, fishermen, and many people in coastal settlements, as well as others. The most commonly worshiped god. His symbol is a depiction of a sail over a wave. His favored weapon is the trident.

Santcia: NG Goddess of art, beauty, and love. Worshiped by artists and romantics, and prayed to by lovers. Her symbol is a brush crossed with an open hand. She has no favored weapon.

Arithea: NG Goddess of fertility, crops, the harvest, and nature. Worshiped by farmers and nature-lovers. Her symbol is a beehive. Her favored weapon is a blowgun.

Arantos: LN God of death, history, and the afterlife. Worshiped by few, but prayed to by many, he oversees the souls of the dead. His symbol is a scroll. His favored weapon is the spear.

Untos: LG God of iron and stone. Worshiped by smiths, masons, and engeneers. His symbol is a hammer over an anvil. His favored weapon is a warhammer.

Rhea: LG Godess of children and motherhood. Worshiped by mothers, and prayed to by everyone with children. Spells for her clerics by the combined power of all her children. Her symbol is two hands outstretched in the act of giving. She has no favored weapon.

The First Man: LE God of tyranny. Worshiped by those who seek power for it's own sake. His symbol is a fist. His favored weapon is the mace.

Re: The Sillian Beliefs by CryofdragonCryofdragon, 14 Oct 2014 02:10

Gia was an egg, and from it hatched The First Man, who's name is not spoken, and Rhea, The Mother, who was his wife. Their siblings came also: Ignia, Life Made Fire, Calcula, Life Made Stone, Undina, Life Made Water, and Ventia, Life Made Wind.

Rhea's Firstborn was Noraino. Her second was Santcia. Her third and fourth children were the twins Arithea and Arantos, and her last child was Untos. Rhea was a kind and caring mother, but The First Man was cruel and adulterous.

He went to Calcula, and took her, and by her were born the Dwarves and the Trolls. When they looked upon their mother, they saw only unliving stone. They quarreled about who's birth had killed her, as they quarrel to this day.

He went to Ventia, and took her, and by her were born the Pixties and the Harpies. When the sought their mother, they heard the wind, but so no life. They quarreled about who's birth had killed her, as they quarrel to this day.

He went to Undina, and took her, and by her were born the Merpeople, who have no sibling. They mourned thir mother, as they do to this day.

The First Man and Rhea lived in a great house on the isle of Selnia. When his children came of an age to labor, he made them to work for him. Santcia, who loved to paint and write and make music, he made to work hard in the fields. Arithea, who loved flowers and plants and natural beauty, was made to serve as a housemaid. Arantos, who was meticulous and worked diligently on his histories, was made to tend the gardens. Untos, who loved to work with stone and metal, was made to be his father's clerk and squire.

Then, in a distant and uninhabited land came the Elves, Gia's late children. Confusued and overwhelmed, they were insular, and had little contact with the other races.

Only Noaino, the eldest, escaped his father's service. On the day he came of age, he built a ship, and sailed off to explore the world.

Rhea objected to this treatment of her children, but the anger of the First Man when questioned prevented her from doing anything but tending to them after their day's labor.

Eventually, Rhea learned the Dwarves and the Trolls, and asked the First Man whence they came, but this only angred him. She learned of the Pixties and the Harpies, asked the First Man whence they came, but this only angred him. She learned of the Merpeople, asked the First Man whence they came, but this only angered him. She saw his burns, and asked the First Man whence they came, but this only angred him. Rhea accused the First Man of his infidelity, and this angered him further. In his rage, he killed her.

Noaino, in his travels, had seen the harshness of his father's rule, and had learned of the harsh treatment of his siblings. He felt his mother's death, and knew that the First Man had killed her. His siblings, he knew, would be powerless against their father, so Noaino sailed around Gia, and gathered a great army of every race but the Elves, who would not give heed to one not of their people. A year after his mother's death, he came to the isle of Selnia with a fleet of a thousand ships.

The First Man, however, had heard of his first son's efforts. From clay and the last of Gia's life force, he created the Goblins to oppose Noaino's forces.

Noaino's fleet landed, and fought a hard battle against the First Man's Goblin forces, but prevailed. Noaino found and freed his siblings, and, with the remnants of the forces he gathered, confronted the First Man.

The Sillian Beliefs by CryofdragonCryofdragon, 14 Oct 2014 02:09

I'm not even sure what that would change about Vladislav. I haven't even opened the conversion guide he has.

Re: Pathfinder is crap. by Talon WyclyfTalon Wyclyf, 05 Sep 2014 14:50

Joe needs to ruin everyone's character concepts and switch us to nWoD thus making everyone's powers vastly the same.

Re: Pathfinder is crap. by LKnivesLKnives, 03 Sep 2014 20:55

Using that system has been the solution, fixing how annoying it is to build characters has been the problem. I will not be switching to it though, I'm going to play my current campaigns to completion in pathfinder first, I don't need to ruin people's character concepts by changing systems and subsequently making their powers completely different.

Re: Pathfinder is crap. by Talon WyclyfTalon Wyclyf, 10 Aug 2014 10:43

Is the solution to use that system?

Re: Pathfinder is crap. by LKnivesLKnives, 04 Jul 2014 00:02

Thanks to brin's old system we played I have my solution. I just need to make race templates, region templates, profession templates, social class templates and finally class templates and then add the option to pick from those or roll on tables to get them. And once you have what you want you can use the points you have left to pump up some ability or another skill.

Re: Pathfinder is crap. by Talon WyclyfTalon Wyclyf, 19 Jun 2014 14:24

Ah, GURPS lite is just GURPS with a massively reduced list of things to choose from. Useless to me.

I'll have to devise my own way to make character creation easier.

Re: Pathfinder is crap. by Talon WyclyfTalon Wyclyf, 18 May 2014 12:05

Don't believe their lies Talon, they are witches from the Illuminati. Welcome to the end of days brother.

Re: Pathfinder is crap. by LKnivesLKnives, 14 May 2014 02:00

I agree with you on pretty much all if not all of that.

I haven't taken the time to look into gurps lite or ultra lite. But I should because I would like to run a campaign in gurps and I only have 1 of the 5-6 potential players who are ok with the character creation as is. And if the lite or ultra lite simplify character creation without fucking with the stuff I like that may be exactly what I want.

Re: Pathfinder is crap. by Talon WyclyfTalon Wyclyf, 08 May 2014 08:31

Dude man, this mentality of if you make a powerful character you don't role-play as well. Or whatever fuck the nonsense is, it's gettin' old. Character strength has nothing to do with role-playing, that is entirely on the player. DOODE!

Also, 4th Edition (I'll assume DnD and not GURPS) has an interesting niche that I don't think makes it viable as a long term campaign thing, or even really a traditional table top RPG really. I think the system in and of itself is pretty solid… For say something like a game night. I think this system would be fine to just grab off the shelf and run it, it's like another Dungeons and Dragons themed board game and really nothing else. I could like it for that if I were into the random one shot thing.

I'll take VTM for simplicity and I will take GURPS/3.5/Maybe Pathfinder if I am ever in a campaign for it for the draws of high fantasy or something just not oWoD flavoured. I half created a VtM campaign in GURPS once but opted out since everyalmost everyone knew oWoD. And oWoD is simple enough that you really don't have to take much time explaining the rules, like 5 minutes to explain all of it.

Re: Pathfinder is crap. by LKnivesLKnives, 04 May 2014 08:45

The many types of game balance. This essay pretty succinctly states the issues I have with perfect balance systems.

Honestly a problem I have with 4th ed even more than the same-y feel is the layout. Which has nothing to do with the game play other than character creation. lol

Re: Pathfinder is crap. by Talon WyclyfTalon Wyclyf, 03 May 2014 21:48
Re: Pathfinder is crap. by LKnivesLKnives, 03 May 2014 02:45
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