Fomoria Burner

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Additional Races:

Additional Lifepaths:

Additional General Traits:

Clipped: Some times due to malicious or accidental events a wing gets clipped, broken or mangled and an Azurian looses the ability to fly.
: ???

Fae General Traits:

Fey Bound: This character is bound to a Fae and can be commanded by that Fae as though any command is a geas.
: ???
Briny Breath (Dt: 2 Pts)
This character breaths air but their breath is perpetually salty in odor. Also they cannot breath water unless they also have the Gills trait.
Fins (Dt: 2 Pts)
The character has fins which increase its water speed to X4.
Fishy (Char: 1 Pt)
The character smells fishy.
Gills (Dt: 2 Pts)
This character has gills that allow it to breath water and cannot breath air unless they have the Briny Breath trait.
Kleptomaniac (Dt: 1 Pts)
This character has a kleptomaniacal instinct of some sort.
Mimic's Blood (Dt: 5 Pts)
This trait requires the Tentacle Monster trait. The blood of the mimic octopus runs in your veins you gain +2D to stealth, disguise, and other skills where camoflage would be helpful. Also your tentacles can mold themselves into legs, fish tail and other such things. The rules for this are similar to sustaining a spell, and your speed is reduced by 2D for whatever speed you could expect from that particular set of limbs.
Murmaider (Dt: 2 Pts)
Your bloodline has mingled with that of the Shark, and therefore you go into a berserk frenzy at the scent of blood in the water. Also your teeth are razor sharp like those of the shark.
Selusa (Dt: 2 Pts)
Like Medusa except with tentacles. No tail though.
Schoolgirl Of The Depths (Dt: 2Pts)
This trait requires the Tentacle Monster trait. You where born with legs in addition to tentacles therefore the tentacles rest like a skirt about your waist. Males rarely have this trait, and if they do it is usually off the reefs near irtland.
Tentacle Monster (Dt: 2 Pts)
Your bloodline has mingled with that of the Octopus, and therefore you have the limbs of an octopus below your waist. Also your eyes are solid black. As a side effect you are also highly attracted to school girls, so treat anyone with the School Girl Of The Depths trait as having the Drop-Dead Gorgeous trait as well. This effect can be nullified by any ugly traits they have such as Loathsome and Twisted. It can also be compounded if they have the Drop-Dead Gorgeous trait or Fair and Statuesque.
Pure Blood (Dt: 2 Pts)
Your blood is not mingled with creatures of the sea and therefore you are precluded from traits available to mingled bloodlines.
Watery Voice (Char: 1 Pt)
Your voice is in capable of resonating the air at an audible frequency. Hence you can only be heard when you are under water. If submerged your voice may be heard above the water but it will appear to have no point of origin.
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