Fae Traits
All Seeing Eyes (Dt: 4 Pts)
This creature does not see using the reflection of light alone. They see the energy of thing thus darkness does not impend their sight unless it is an unnatural energy or disruptive magic which functions like regular darkness to them (I.E. Dark of night, Obscure aura also functions as the plain faced trait when regular sight is unavailable). Sometimes these eyes can only recognise a void, a lack of energy or drain, such is the case with the undead and vampyr as well as those with the Eldritch Sink trait. This is an additional type of sight it does not preclude the normal sight one has only augments it, if your fighting undead monsters in the pitch dark of a cave your probably still screwed. You won't trip but you wont really be able to see them all that well either or distinguish between them and an ally with the Eldritch Sink trait.
Anchoring Cynosure (Char: 2 Pts)
This is a physical cynosure but you cannot end the test by succeeding. Any success only buys you a moments reprieve in order to save the physical object of your cynosure. You gain one extra minute for each extra success over the Ob. If you change courts then you can never again enter the court you gained this trait in. If you fail enough and the object is completely destroyed then you suffer the same fate. If the object burns then so do you.
Binding Word (Char: 2 Pts)
Your word is your bond and as good as gold.
Cynosure (Char: 1 Pt)
This is an object, property or belief which binds the fey to this world, keeping them from fading away. Breaking the belief or abandoning the object sends the fey into the crux, in which they would be risking death, the change or the fading. The change means entering another court which accepts the actions that brought on the crux as acceptable changing the cynosure focus and removing any host traits the fey may have had, but granting a lifepath in the chosen court. The fading is the will test the character must make until they succeed, change courts or die. You cannot change courts without failing the first test. Failing the tests makes the character lose a total number of die from their attributes equal to the amount of lifepaths they have or their highest skill's die count, which ever is greater. The player may choose which attributes are lessened any skills that rely on the attribute lose half the lost die to that attribute rounded up. The lost die are gone permanently. Should any physical attribute reach zero then the fey dies leaving behind his body and possessions. should any of the mental attributes reach zero they receive a final test to restore it to one, however failure causes them and all they own to fade away. Memories of the fey become hazy and hard to recall as they slowly disappear from the All. The Ob for the test is the amount of lifepaths they have or their highest skill's die count, which ever is greater.
Deep Cynosure (Char: 3 Pts)
This trait gains a secondary cynosure focus. Any Ob and penalty for breaking a deep cynosure is half again that of regular cynosure, rounded up.
Empyrean (Char: 5 Pts)
This trait enables the fey to use the magic of the fey by tapping into the all or the taint depending on the magic used. As the first magic users the fey can recreate any spell that humans or elves are capable of. However they rely on their virtues to use their magic. Vengeance or Justice powers violent harmful magic while Altruism or Domination powers creative magic.
Hoofed and Hairy (Char: 2 Pts)
?? See Note2
Law Of Balance (Char: 2 Pts)
?? See Note2
Wishes Three (Host: 3 Pts)
You have the ability to grant three wishes to those who you find worthy except for those with portune lifepaths or Servants of thirds. Once you grant the three wishes to an individual your magic no longer works on them or for them.
??? See Note2

Note1: ???
Note2: ???

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