Ephirye, The Colourless

Character NameEphiryë, The Colourless
Concept— The Wingfolk source of Abbarais cloak and a bit of the Red Queen.


#1 Now that I am queen of the Winged Folk I will wipe out all traces of Abbarais starting with that filthy bastard Odrámwë!
#2 Elyrië will lead me to Odrámwë and his spawn so that I can slaughter them all, its a shame I can't torture her.
#3 Where does Nymael get off telling me that if I harm Elyrië that it would be an act of war against the Fae. I must handle this cautiously there are ways of getting information without causing physical harm.


#1 Screams "Kill Them!!!" whenever someone speaks the name of Abbarais.
#2 Glare at anyone that mentions Odrámwë.
#3 Shifts her wings and glares at people who disagree with her.
Affiliations— 3D Court of the Winged Folk (Status: Queen)
Reputations— 3D The Colourless
Relationships— Unwanted Son: Odrámwë (Powerful, Hateful/rival, Forbidden, Immediate Family)
Tormentor/Victimizer: Abbarais (Powerful, Hateful/rival, Forbidden)
Daughter: Ornarámë (Powerful, Immediate Family)
Captive: Elyrië (Significant, Other Family, Hateful/Rival, Prisoner)

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