Spell: Eldritch Shield
Ob: 3^ Casting Time: 9 Actions
Origin: Personal Area of Effect: Caster+Single Target
Element: Arcana Impetus: Control
Duration: Sustained Resource Points: 12
The shield protects the caster from the Destroy and Tax impetus spells-Fire Breath, Rain of Fire, White Fire, Fire Fan, Emperor's Hand, Havoc's Hand, Choking Hand, ect. It will not protect against a spell like The Fear or Persuasion. When casting the spell, note the number of successes over the obstacle. This is the strength of the shield. When a spell effect hits the shield, subtract the shield's strength from the dice used to cast the spell. If the shield reduces the incoming spell's dice below the obstacle needed to cast it, then the spell is completely absorbed. If the spell is not completely reduced, subtract the shield dice from the spell cast and use this number as the new Power/effect for the spell. A sorcerer may extend his shield to his friends. Additional successes may be spent to cover additional characters. Those characters gain the full benefits of the remaining dice of the shield.
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