Edmond Revior, Lord of Harol

Player Name— Talon
Concept— Grandson of the last Pendragon, newly appointed lord of Harol.

A shrewd businessman who's business is assuring that Formoria stands against the awakening Shee and itself. He strives for peace by waging secret war all across the northern league collecting alliances and powerful individuals in preparation for a storm he knows is coming.

He would see himself made Pendragon but all in due time. For now he plans and gathers forces, so that his preparations can show his true greatness when they are revealed.

If things stay as they are that would be preferable, but he sees war is coming, and if he cannot stop it, he intends to win it, one way…or another.

Lifepaths— Born Noble, Page, Squire, Knight, Noble Prince.
Age— 35


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B5 B4 B4 B5 B4 B4


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Multi.
B6 B4 B10 B7 5 B9 B3 x3.5
PTGS Su: B3 Li: B5 Mi: B7 Se: B8 Tr: B9 Mo: B10

Skills— Accounting B2, Administration B2, Ancient History B2, Ancient Languages B2, Bow B2, Bureaucracy B2, Calligraphy B2, Estate Management B2, Etiquette B2, Falsehood B2, Foreign History B2, Foreign Languages B2, Gambling B2, History B2, Intimidation B2, Logistics B2, Meditation B2, Mounted Combat Training, Obscure History B2, Observation B2, Oratory B2, Persuasion B2, Poetry B2, Read B2, Research B2, Riding B2, Rule of Law B2, Soothing Platitudes B2, Strategy B2, Strategy Games B2, Streetwise B2, Sword B2, Tactics B2, Write B2.


#1 Though it is difficult to please everyone, I refuse to believe it is impossible.
#2 In any given situation where someone either is forced into or chooses a violent outcome, that person has failed.
#3 Each of the great cities of the northern league must work together if we are to weather the storm that is coming.
#4 It is my duty to guard society and uphold it's interests.


#1 Always stay informed on what is happening throughout the northern league and try to stay informed about what is happening elsewhere.
#2 Never enter a situation without an escape rout and a backup plan should it run afoul.
#3 If combat breaks out, have an arrow knocked and aim for the person who initiated it.

Gear— Finery, Knife, Sword, Bow.
Property— Palace of Harol.
Affiliations— 2D The Ambassadors of Harol, 2D Harol military forces, 1D Merchant information network, 1D Nobility of Harol.
RelationshipsOscar Montalban, Sir Trindell Rathford, Marie Andole, Indra the Giggler, Jerec Revior
Spells or Rituals
Traits— [Dt] Mark of Privilege, [Char] Your Grace, [Dt] Sworn Homage, [Dt] Noblesse Oblige, [C-O] Charismatic.

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Bare Fisted 2 4 6 2 0 Fast Shortest
Knife 3 5 7 1 0 Fast Shortest
Sword 4 7 10 2 0 Slow Long
Bow 1 I M S DoF VA Reload and Acquire Range Effects
Hunting Arrows 4 8 11 1-2 I, 3-4 M, 5-6 S 2 7 Optimal +2D to Positioning. Extreme +3D to Positioning. Max Range 300 Paces.

Weapon Notes
1Two-handed, may not be used with a shield. 2May Great Strike.

The Ambassadors of Harol:

This is a expansive organization throughout the northern league. The purpose of the Ambassadors of Harol is to gather information from all over the northern league and to perform ungentlemanly warfare where it is necessary. It is essentially an espionage/assassination group that gathers information for Edmond.

The Ambassadors of Harol were founded by Edmond when he was 28 and over the last seven years have had the time to establish themselves across the northern league.

A small portion of the organization is a publicly known group of actual ambassadors which Edmond uses to set up trade routes and settle disputes. A few select members of this portion of the ambassadors are also legal judges and have the authority to make sentences, each of which is reviewed by the other ambassadors and Edmond himself.

Rogues or abusive members are punished with death or worse, there is no room in the ambassadors for traitors or information leaks, as information is power. To ensure that no one member or group can get away with these acts there are regular checkups done by seasoned proven members and all but those undercover are placed with new teams every few months. Also if a traitor can be proven as such to Edmond the individuals responsible for his capture and discovery are greatly rewarded.

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