Duchess Micka VanShere, The Lost Star Of VanShere

Character NameDuchess Micka VanShere (Mickey - The Fence) - The Lost Star Of The VanShere
Created ByDrake PhyreDrake Phyre
Concept— Mix between knowing Anastasia, Lara Croft and V for Vendetta
Bio: Micka VanShere was born the daughter of Duke & Duchess VanShere. During the imperial invasion a rival Duke used the opportunity to attack. On her 16th birthday Duke Oslo DeMaeve lead a group of hired assassins into the keep. Her father screamed as as Duke Oslo and his men took turns taking her mother by force. Duke Oslo kept the men from taking Micka. Afterwards Duke Oslo slit her fathers throat in front of her and her mother. Her mother clouded by grief dove through the window plunging to her death. Duke Oslo sent his men to ransack the keep. robbed of his entertainment he forced himself on young Micka. He kept her as a pet claiming he was simply looking out for her birthright as he assumed control of her lands. Duke Oslo was a sadist who enjoyed inventive measures of foreplay. Eventually her lands were assimilated into his it took no more than a single month. It wasn't all pain and gloom, Duke Oslo eventually moved into her family castle and with him he brought his daughter Evelyn. She was a lone star on the sea's of darkness. They would sneak glances at each other behind the Dukes back and steal kisses in lonely hallways. It wasn't long before Micka began to show. She was with child, Oslo's child but she'd be damned if she would let him have it. She caught the eye of a young sailor with a long scar across his throat and shoulder. She enticed him into corners, seducing him. She convinced him to smuggle her and Evelyn out of the city aboard a marine vessel. As they gave themselves to the sailor she lay weeping in his arms. Tracing the scars on her body, he finally understood they did not share his love for them. Surley asked her about the truth. When he heard her tale, he kissed her on the cheek. He bought a small house in the city and gave it to them. He promised only two things; he would always love them and that he would always help them. Micka became a moneylender bringing in various items discreetly and planning and funding her vengeance. She and Evelyn raised Sileen, keeping her safe and hidden. Surley was eventually captured by Oslo and tortured. He never said anything Oslo ran him through and threw him overboard. When news reached Micka she wept for days her only solace lay in Evelyn's arms and her daughters laughter. Many years later a man arrived, he said only that his name was Smug. When her daughter greeted him he called her by name. As Micka pressed the edge of her knife to his throat she noticed a long scar running across his neck and shoulder. Thirteen years and seven lives Surley was there to help.
Lifepaths— Born Noble, Lead to Noble Court, Hostage, Lead to City Dweller, Moneylender, Confidence Man, Lead to Outcast, Fence
Age— 35


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B2 G1 G3 B2 B2 B2


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Multi.
B3 B2 B8 B3 8 B3 B1 x3.5
PTGS Su: B2 Li: B3 Mi: B4 Se: B5 Tr: B6 Mo: B8

Skills— Accounting G2, Appraisal G2, Court-Wise G1, Currency-Wise G1, Disguise G4, Etiquette B3, Falsehood B3, Guard-Wise G1, Haggling B2


#1 I am better off in the shadows. Behind puppets.
#2 Never trust anyone unless they have died for you.
#3 The world is cold and the strong should help strengthen the weak.


#1 If someone touches my mask I put a knife to their throat and push.
#2 If someone mentions Duke DeMaeve I draw my Knife.
#3 If someone tries to touch me or actually touches me then I draw my knife.
Gear— Weapons (Dirk, Hatchet, Small Sword), Clothes
Property— Cottage (Kell), Emergency Fund (7 Resources)
Affiliations— 2D Northern League Merchants Guild (Member: Good Standing)
1D Kell Thieves Guild (Member: Good Standing)
Reputations— 1D Mickey, The Fence
1D Master Of The Masked Puppets
Relationships— Arch Enemy: Duke Oslo DeMaeve (Significant, other family, forbidden, hateful/rival)
First Love: Lady Evelyn DeMaeve (Minor, romantic love)
Daughter: Lady Sileen (DeMaeve) Vanshere (Minor, immediate family)
Seduced Sailor: Smug Surley (Minor)
Spells or Rituals
Traits— [Dt] Mark of Privilege, [Char] Homesick, [C-O] Penny-Wise, [Char] Shrewd, [Char] Drop-Dead Gorgeous, [Char] Darling of the Court

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Bare Fisted 1 2 3 2 0 Fast Shortest
Dirk 2 3 4 1 0 Fast Shortest
Hatchet 3 5 7 2 0 Slow Short
Small Sword 2 4 6 2 0 Fast Short

Weapon Notes
1 Two-handed, may not be used with a shield2 May Great Strike


Meanwhile: A Waking Nightmare

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