Carvall Mc'Muller, The Butler of Latswin Manor

Character Name— Carvall Mc'Muller, The Butler of Latswin Manor
Concept— The waiter from Isaac Asimov's Widower murder mysteries.
Lifepaths— Born Slave, Bondsman to a Banker, Bondsman to a Wizard of War, Captive of War, Servant (Servitude)
Age— 35


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B2 B4 B4 B2 B4 B4


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Res Cir Multi.
B1 B3 B10 B2 8 B1 B1 x3.5
PTGS Su: B2 Li: B4 Mi: B6 Se: B7 Tr: B8 Mo: B10

Skills— Accounting B2, Bureaucracy B1, Cell-Wise B2, Etiquette B2, Slavery-Wise B2, Soothing Platitudes B1, Strategy Games B2, Ugly Truth B2


#1 No need to speak if no one intelligent is listening.
#2 People rarely notice good help, its like having an invisibility cloak.
#3 Lord Tirsan is slightly better than his monster of a father, he just torments the mind not the flesh.


#1 Asks for your coat as you enter the manor.
#2 Says "Very Good Sir/Madame", when insulted.
#3 If you ask his opinion he will tell you the ugly truth.
Gear— Clothes, Finery
Reputations— 1D The Butler of Latswin Manor
1D The Derisive Devil
Relationships— Employer: Farick Latswin (Minor)
Former Captor: Tirsan II (Minor, forbidden, hateful/rival)
Sister: Faeden Mc'Muller (Minor, immediate family, forbidden)
Spells or Rituals
Traits— [Dt] Broken, [Dt] Lucky, [Dt] Claustrophobic, [C-O] Mind-Numbing Work, [Char] Obsequious, [Char] Scarred, [Dt] Cool Headed, [Char] Handsome, [Char] Taciturn

Weapon Type I M S Add VA WS Strike Dist
Bare Fisted 2 4 6 2 0 Fast Shortest

Weapon Notes
1 Two-handed, may not be used with a shield2 May Great Strike

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