Azazeal, The Fallen One

History: One of the eldest of the fey. Once known as Cernunnos to his fey kin and a well respected elder in the Summer Court. He embodied nature, fertility and physical love. Confronted by the harsh reality that he was on the last cycle of the life wheel, he became obsessed with continuing his legacy. Soon he started to teach magic to the gifted mortal maidens for whom he lusted after to ensure his magic and wisdom would not be lost to his offspring. This continued for some time unnoticed by the Summer Court. One particular coupling with an ambitious warrior woman named Nemhain would prove to be his undoing. Nemhain, more concerned with power rather than motherhood, sacrificed her child to gain its magical fey essence. After doing this, she started to use her power in battle and easily wiped out whole armies. The Summer Court soon got wind of this and decided to put a end to her, but not before finding out the source of her power. Once the truth was revealed, Cernunnos was stripped of his name and title and banished to Stahl mountains were he would be known as Azazeal the Fallen. Because of his seniority, he still maintains much of his former power. Since Nemhain's betrayal, Azazeal possesses potential mates, slowing breaking their will through seducing them with his unmatched charismatic spirit.

-In his true form, Azazeal still looks like he once did as Cernunnos. Elven (Fey) upper body and bipedal stag lower half. His head crowned with a mighty impressive rack of antlers, pointed ears, slender yet rugged face with forest green eyes and long flowing auburn locks.
-His most common form these days is a tall, strong, handsomely striking man dressed in simple, but elegant fashions.


#1 Why judge oneself, deeds, wrong or right will be done no matter.
#2 Love is sacrifice.
#3 No one's willpower can outlast my determination.


-Known as the beast lord for kinship he shares with the wild beast and the command he has over them.
-Because of his strong sexual nature, he can seduce pretty much any lesser being, but prefers attractive maidens of the human and elf variety.
-Can take any natural form he wishes.

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