Proposed - Additional Human Lifepaths & Traits

Additional Lifepaths:


Lifepath Time Res Stat Leads
Child of Mer 8 yrs 3 rp Servitude, Soldier, Outcast
Skills: 3 pts General (This is a Born lifepath)
Traits: 2 pts Gills Or Briny Breath
Fish Wife 6 yrs 5 rp +1 M Religious
Skills: 2 pts Child-Rearing, Husband-wise; see note1
Traits: 1 pts
Mer Maiden *Requires female path 6 yrs 5 rp +1 M Religious
Skills: 2 pts ; also, see note1
Traits: 1 pts


  • 1: A player who takes the Fish Wife lifepath may also choose her husband's lifepath from the Seafaring setting. The Fish Wife may choose from her husband's skills-she gets half of his skill points, rounded down-and she gets one quarter of her husband's Resources.

Additional Traits:

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