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The fantasy world of Fomoria was created to feel much like the Medieval British isles had elves, dwarves, faeiries and other fantastical creatures co-existed there and monotheism never taken hold. Magic is alive and well despite the prevailing atmosphere of xenophobia and witch-hunting. There are giants, sorcerors, witches, clergy of many gods and living nightmares as well as nobility, peasantry and all that lies between. There are tribes and foreigners, orcs and madmen, towns and wilderness. There is also history in the making and events already recorded. Join us and play your part in defending the realm from the ravaging of the newly awakened Fae lords.

We use Burning Wheel revised edition books to provide structure to our role-playing and meet every other Saturday, give or take. You can expect maps, character sheets, NPCs, pages for your characters (the unofficial online character generator for BW can create characters in wikidot format) discussions on rules, story-lines and general mayhem of all sorts on this site. You should note that Burning Wheel is a role-playing intensive system. Power players who are looking to level fast and dominate the world through their combat skills will be very disappointed. You advance by furthering the shared story. You want multiple characters so that you can play in many scenes instead of waiting around for the others to finish. You may also note that NPCs are created and played by everyone. This is a shared world, though I retain full veto rights.

Though I am the master moderator, this site is for the entire group. Your creations will live here and be edited by others in the group. If you want more permissions- just ask. Feel free to post links and forum entries. Write articles and send messages. maybe we can arrange meeting times here, what ever we need.

One important note. Not everyone is invited to this group. You all know me as a non-exclusive kind of person. I've always stressed this in every endeavor and role I've had. There are certain requirements you need to have to be a member of this group:

A certain level of emotional and independent maturity
The burning wheel system isn't about "winning" or dominating play. It's about collaborative fun and mature agreements between players. This does not preclude characters in the same storyline competing or even opposing one another, but it does forbid players from selfish, boorish or just plain mean behavior. At the same time, I can't be worried about what your parents might think of game content. It's not exactly rated R or anything, but if the group goes into a discussion about religious matters or other controversial subjects, I cant be put into a position where my job is on the line because one of your parents is offended or close-minded.


Can't be easily offended
The group members pretty much say what's on their mind with caveats toward tact and civility. If you don't like direct, honest conversation, you won't like the people in this group. If you are overly sensitive and insecure, you will have a rough time in this group. I am not there to save anyone. If you don't have a decent sense of humor, just go away OK?


Have to have a decent imagination
I know plenty of fun people that just don't have access to their childhood ability to pretend. If that's you, you are welcome to hang out and watch, consume the food and drink, laugh along and be entertained, etc. If you want to play, however, without a decent imagination, you will get quickly bored of the proceedings and the group will get quickly tired of you.


That's all I have to say on the subject for now. I'm sure I'll be spouting off again really soon.

Brian Burger

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